[INFOGRAPHIC] Is Your Business Ready for the “SOcialMObileLOcal” Shopper? They may know more about your products than you do.

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(VIDEO) Fast Free Facebook Fans for Your Business

Friends of RPM,

Here are two tactics you can use to add hundreds of Facebook fans to your business fan page in the next 30 days… for FREE!

1) Tag a popular page with an @symbol in a post on your page
In the video, when we tagged “SkinCeuticals”, we simply typed “@skinc” (no quotes typed) then a dropdown list of possible fan pages appeared. We selected SkinCeuticals from the list.

2) Write a post on a popular page thanking them “as your page”
Remember to be complimentary to the host fan page in your comment and avoid self-promotion, to avoid having your comment deleted.

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Free Interviews: How to Grow a Business Online with Integrity


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Here’s the secret…
It’s not because some people are lucky. There is no such thing as luck. Success is not accidental. It is delibrate.
It’s not because some people have more education than others. Education is good but knowledge without application does not produce results.
It’s not because of opportunities. In as much as opportunities are good, they do not guarantee success.
It’s integrating faith with honest business opportunities that generate successful results. It is impossible to succeed in business without faith. When you have faith in God and do business or work with integrity, you have a GUARANTEED winning combination. It is time to learn, apply and enjoy the rewards of success.
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Hear Carrie Wilkerson: “The Barefoot Executive” and Other Successful Online Business Leaders Interviewed Live!


Why Your Company Should Invest in Google+ Brand Pages

As the lines between search engine optimization and social media continue to blur and form one synergistic effort, it is critical that both small and large companies stay up to date with new opportunities for spreading brand awareness and connecting directly with their audiences. When Google makes a move in the social space, it’s important to pay attention to, understand, and identify how the offering can and should be leveraged for your business.

With the recent announcement of Google+ brand pages, many people may be saying “My business is already active on Facebook and Twitter, why should I bother with yet another social media channel?” This is a valid question due to the amount of time and resources that are required to effectively manage each social media channel. At the surface, Google+ brand pages may seem like just another Facebook with a fraction of the user base. However, these are a few unique elements that you should consider before writing it off:

Smaller User Base

While it’s true that Google+ does have a much smaller user base than Facebook (estimated at 40 million vs. 800 million), it doesn’t necessarily mean you should ignore it and focus all of your efforts on Facebook. With fewer users, come less noise and more focus in the space. Facebook is packed full of updates from the recent integration of services like Spotify and The Washington Post, as well as games, “happy birthdays,” and pictures of friends and family. Google+, on the other hand, seems to be driven more by content of a professional, informational, and industry-specific manner. Because of this, brands may be able to create a much more direct and personal relationship with their audiences.

Unique Functionality

Google+ offers very unique functionality with its ability to host “Hangouts,” or live audio/video chats, between itself and its audience. Hangouts provide an opportunity to directly engage in discussions, receive immediate feedback, and/or provide exclusive content. One example of a brand already using Hangouts is The Black Eyed Peas, where they hosted a session backstage prior to one of their concerts. The Hangout allowed them to connect with their fans, give some inside information on the band, and thank their fans for their support (watch the full recording here).

Another creative use of Hangouts can be seen with Dell. Michael Dell mentioned the possibility that the company may soon leverage Hangouts as a place for face-to-face customer support and sales rather than requiring customers to call in.

Future Integration With Other Google Offerings

As Google continues its recent effort to unify its products and offerings, Google+ is ripe for deeper integration with services such as Google Places and Maps, Web and Image Search, and YouTube. Google has already begun this process in several ways. One of the most recent is the addition of Google +1s into Image Search.

This could become beneficial to increasing a brand’s visibility, socially and via organic/image search, where the brand frequently post images to their Google+ brand page (such as artists or photographers who sell a product or service), and have an audience that is likely to share that content.

Ultimately, whether or not using Google+ brand pages is right for your business depends on your target audience and your level of creativity to use the service to its full potential. In most cases, businesses must fully understand what types of audiences they have, where they are spending their time online, and what types of content they want to consume from each service. Finding the right balance of social interaction and commercial promotion is critical in creating that connection, positively affecting other marketing initiatives such as SEO, and ultimately generating the next sale.

Are you using Google+ for your brand? If so, in what ways are you engaging your audience? And if not, why did you decide against it?

SOURCE: mashable.com


29-Module “Facebook for Business” Video Training

SMS Text Marketing: Build Your List NOW, Before Saturation Kills Opt-in Rates

SMS Text Message Marketing represents a HUGE opportunity today… but it will eventually close, as most windows of opportunity do.. It won’t be long until the spammers jump in with both feet. As more marketers jump in, saturation will quickly be reached.

I get an occasional text ad for a payday loan or an online university, but it’s only about once or twice a month. As these intrusive text messages start clogging up our inboxes, SMS will lose its value as a trusted instant communication tool.

As ethical opt-in marketers, we must be sure to add value with every text message we send. If we don’t, our SMS list subscribers will treat us like spammers and opt-out.

The moral of the story… build your list NOW while SMS marketing is still a novelty to the general public. Once you have your list established, it will be a valuable asset to your business for a long time, as long as you keep your messages valuable and infrequent.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Please comment below.

Anthony Curtis


How Fake User Reviews Get Identified and Damage Your Reputation

As the saying goes, “A happy customer tells one friend, and unhappy customer tells everybody”. The Internet has given consumers an unprecedented reach to express their likes and dislikes on the Internet. Today we’ve got sites like Yelp, Google Places, and host of others providing a centralized forum where users can express their opinions about a business in a very public way. A good score can be the difference between a potential customer visiting your store vs. the competition. With such power over buying decisions, business owners can be tempted to submit false reviews. They do it for all sorts of reason like bumping up their three star rating to four or pushing down a string of bad reviews. It’s a dangerous activity that is highly detectable and can cause irrevocable damage to your company’s image. In this article we’ll show you some ways people who submit fake reviews can get caught and why doing so can inflict far more damage than any single bad review could have.

Let’s assume that you hire someone to write a positive review for you. Your dealership is in California and your paid reviewer is in New York. This person submits several positive reviews about your dealership using multiple fake accounts with a combination of Gmail and Hotmail address. So how could they possibly get caught? Cue the Who’s “Who Are You” a la CSI…

Most likely the IP address gave it away. An IP addresses is like a phone number for your computer. For example your parents have the phone number 555-123-54567. When you see that number on your caller ID you know it’s them. IP address work in a similar same way. And like a phone number’s area code, IP addresses are associated with geographic areas.

The first misstep of our would-be scammer was the New York IP address. There are plenty of free and of course paid databases that will tell you what IP address is associated with what city. Every review site uses these. A New York IP address submitting multiple reviews about a California based business looks very suspicious. Of course, you can get around that by hiring someone from the same city your dealership is in to write reviews. This solves the problem; right? Well, not exactly.

Network CablesEven though the person had the forethought to use different accounts with different email address and an IP address all from the same city as the dealership, they’ve still got a problem. Did they remember to change their IP address before submitting each review or use a proxy service that changes the IP address? Chances are that they didn’t. If the same IP submits multiple reviews for the exact same business it’s a huge red flag that something shady is happening. Again, think of it as someone calling you from the same phone number over and over again.

Now say that this person was crafty enough to use a proxy service to hide their address. Did they create their own proxy or did they use an open proxy? A proxy is a computer that sits between you and the web site you are visiting. It’s a way to make it look like the traffic is coming from a source other than you. Think of it as using a stranger’s cell phone to make a call. Imagine an open proxy as a bunch of different cell phones you can use. So you can make one call with phone A and another call with phone B and no one will know it’s you because the caller ID’s are all different. These open proxy lists are widely available so there is a good chance that review site knows you’re using an open proxy. It takes a little bit of coding and a site can immediately flag or even ignore reviews submitted in this manner. Legitimate users tend not to use open proxies so it’s a dead give way something strange is happening.

Let’s assume that you’ve found a master fake review ninja that can easily sail past the IP address filters noted above. But, there is one last catch. Some very smart folks at Cornell University have developed an algorithm that can tell a fake review from a real one. Fake reviews often follow predictable patterns.

So even after all those hoops they jumped through to submit a fake review, the submission gets caught any way because it couldn’t get past the review quality filter.

So what happens when a fake review is discovered? Most sites will just ban the account of the person who submitted the review and remove the false reviews. That’s the best case scenario. You also run the risk of other users of the site and even your competitors broadcasting your use of these shady tactics thus casting doubt on all positive reviews in your profile. Trust us when we say this news will spread like wild fire from one review site to the next as your competitors tell everyone. If that happens, your online reputation is toast. It’s time to consider a name change.

Needless to say, you’ve got to be downright crazy to submit a fake review. There are so many different ways to get caught. Even if you can hide your IP tracks and fool the fake review algorithm once, can you do it 10 times? Or even 20? Let’s do some simple math. A site that has 100 reviews with a three star average rating needs an additional 100 five star reviews to bump up to four stars. Do you believe your fake review ninja can sneak past the defenses one hundred times without get caught?

The bottom line is that that you may be able to sneak one or two fake reviews through, but you wouldn’t be able to do it on any sort of scale that would significantly change your ranking. Getting caught would have a detrimental effect on your account’s credibility casting doubt on every genuine review associated with your business. The risk to your company’s hard earned credibility isn’t worth it. You are better off increasing the quality of your service and getting real positive reviews the old fashioned way.

Source: LinkedIn.com

Whether you need to outrank your competition on Google Maps, or bury some fake negative reviews placed there by your competition, RPM can help you get a ton of legitimate positive reviews posted ASAP. Call us today at (972) 372-0708 or (800) 705-2360. You can also email us… REVIEWS(at)RPMPLANO.COM.

SMS Marketing: Why It’s Here to Stay

One of the things RPM offers is mass text messaging — which we also call SMS marketing, SMS for business, and many other things. Text messaging is a technology that’s exploding lately, and the best marketers are taking advantage of all its opportunities. It’s instant, it’s affordable, it’s highly effective at reaching people. There’s nothing else out there that can really compete. The days of traditional marketing using snail mail, radio and TV ads, and printed advertisements are over. Even email can’t compare. In case you’re not convinced, here are some concrete reasons why you should be incorporating SMS into your business’s marketing efforts. And when you’re ready to start, just give us a call.

People always have their cell phones on them.

According to last summer’s Conversational Advertising report conducted by Single Point for mobileSQUAREd, we all spend about 16 hours a day with our cell phones. Hell, I even sleep with mine.

Voice is dead. SMS is on the rise.

According to Nielsen Media, even with cell phones, voice spending has been trending downward, and text spending is expected to surpass it in the next three years. Why? Phone calls seem rude and intrusive, always catching us at the wrong time. Many people also consider them awkward and just prefer to communicate in text form, where they have time to contemplate everything being said. Think about this for a second: 8 TRILLION text messages will be sent in 2011. That’s HUGE!

Just check out this visualization of data from the Pew Research Center on smartphone usage if you’re still in doubt:

SMS is quickly becoming a well-accepted form of advertising.

Consumers are increasingly proving to be willing subscribers to opt-in services — as long as the message is relevant and some sort of value/incentive is provided. In fact, A2P SMS (application-to-person, like with bank alerts and offers from retailers) is expected to overcome person-to-person SMS by 2016.

Just take a look at these recent infographics. For example, YouGov recently conducted a study that revealed that 65% of people actually like offers on their mobile phones, and that the most effective mobile marketing medium for eliciting response is SMS:

And Promotional Codes compiled data to show the growth of the mobile advertising market, which is expected to reach $3.1 billion by 2013. Mobile coupon redemptions alone are expected to bring in $6 million in 2014. Examine the closeup for a breakdown of what consumers want to receive on their smartphones (grocery coupons, scannable barcodes, movie theatre promotions, retailer advertisements, etc.):

SMS is highly convenient.

Unlike the phone calls mentioned above, text messages are convenient. Both parties don’t have to be available at the same time, and your recipient’s phone doesn’t even have to be on. If your customer (or potential customer) receives a coupon, promotion, or event reminder from you, they can see it once they turn on or look at their phone, and reference back to it at any time. You don’t need their undivided attention or active response right when your message goes out; they can come back to it when it suits them best, like when they’re shopping online or passing your store.

The open rates for SMS are incredible.

Close to 98% of all text messages are read, and 90% are read within the first three minutes of being received. Compared to emails, which — according to MailChimp — usually only have about a 1-in-4 open rate, that’s incredible.

The redemption rates are also incredible.

Redemption rates for text message marketing range between 20% and 70%. Before you think 20% is low, compare it to the 1.5% average for TV, print, radio, and direct mail.

It’s instant — both to send and receive.

You don’t need to spend extensive amounts of time creating an ad and then waiting for it to go out. Just compose a short, relevant message, click send, and it should be received by your audience in a matter of minutes. No one has to wait anymore!

It’s short, it’s simple, it gets the point across.

At least if you do it right. Your customer doesn’t need to sift through tons of material or useless information to get to what they want. It drastically increases the chances that they will actually act upon the information you give them.

The results are measurable.

You can track the responses you receive, how often a certain promo code is redeemed, etc. I know there are few things more frustrating to a marketer than not being able to track ROI, so you can rest easy here.

Texts are cheap.

You pay very little on a “per contact” basis relative to other direct media, and the recipient essentially pays nothing.

SMS campaigns can be extremely targeted.

You’re not just blasting your message out at anyone and everyone, wasting time advertising to people who might not even be interested in your products or services. SMS campaigns reach people who have opted in to receive your messages, meaning they’re already interested. They can also be further segmented by specific needs, maximizing redemption rates — and thus profits — after each text blast.

No, it’s not just for teenagers.

Over 72% of adults are text messaging, and nearly 65% of mobile users in their 40s and 50% of users in their 60s regularly send texts. And those are last year’s figures, which are rising with every year.

Just take a look at this data from a Tatango poll on text message advertising. The group that’s most likely to opt into text message campaigns is actually between 25-35:

SMS is great for interactivity.

It’s easy for customers to text in a reply, or text-to-win, or text-to-donate, or click-to-call, or click on a link in a message they receive, or any other of a million interactive actions. And when it’s easy, they’re much more likely to do it.

You’re not limited to just text anymore.

A simple SMS message can contain links that smartphone users can open to go to your site, view a picture, watch a video, etc. — making it much more powerful than just a 160-character bit of text. And these capabilities are sure to increase astronomically, which brings me to my last point…

It’s the cutting edge of technology.

At least in the business world. Companies that are implementing SMS into its marketing campaigns are seen as tech-savvy, hip, and highly involved with their customers. That’s a good image to have.

SOURCE: CallFire.com

A Few Free Marketing Tips from Google

I’m a very small business running my business for years. Do I really need a website?
A business of any size can benefit from being online, especially with more consumers online. In fact, 97% of consumers look on the web for products and services before they buy—even if the purchase is made offline. Now more than ever, the web enables “hyperlocal” marketing options through search, and customer review sites are the new “word of mouth.” If your business is online, potential customers are more likely to find you.

How does having a website help me find customers?
With a website, it can be easier for customers to find you—whether they are down the street, across the country, or around the world. A professional website helps potential customers discover what sets your business apart from others like it. Whether you have a storefront or run a professional service, a website is relevant for your business because 97% of consumers look online for local products and services.

How does claiming my Google Places listing help me find customers?
Millions of people search for businesses on Google. Your listing will also be available through Google Web Search, Google Maps, Mobile search, and Google Earth. On any of these services, if someone searches directly for your business name and city, your listing will most likely show up. We also may show your listing for searches for your business category or other related terms.

With Google Places, claiming and improving a great listing takes just a few minutes and doesn’t cost a thing. You can make your listing really shine with photos and videos; custom categories like your service area, brands you sell and how to find parking; and coupons to encourage customers to make a first-time or repeat purchase.

Apple iPhone Owners

Think about this for a second. The Apple iPhone 4S costs $400 with a 2 year contract.

The cheapest version was $199 and people are flocking to get them.

As yourself two questions:

- Does Apple ever have a problem selling their new iphone releases? Chances are if you’ve been on twitter or Facebook you’ve seen people ordering the new phone left and right.

- Do you think people who can afford a $200 or more phone might be good customers for local businesses?

And here’s a bonus question to ask yourself – when is the last time that you looked at a phone book INSTEAD of looking up the information on your smart phone?

More and more business owners are looking for mobile solutions for their business and website. Are you one of them? If so, contact me right away at
(800) 705-2360 or mobile @ rpmplano.com
so we can get started dominating your local market together.

Sorry global friends, US only on this one. I don’t have a clue about the mobile market outside the US.


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