QR Codes

I’m sure you’ve seen them around, those strange square pixelated blobs, known as QR Codes.
Don’t be scared. I know they look strange, but they’re just shortcuts to make your life easier.

Shortcuts to a…
Calendar event, contact information/business card, email address, geo location, phone number, sms, text, URL, or Wifi network connection.

For example, this QR Code, when scanned by your smartphone will take you to http://RPMplano.com.

Here are a few ideas on how YOU can use QR Codes in your business.

Send customers to:

  • Your email opt-in page to subscribe to your newsletter
  • Your Google Places profile to leave a glowing review
  • Download your digital business card
  • Download a free digital gift
  • Connect to your free Wifi network

To generate your own QR Codes for free, go to…





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