SMS Text Marketing: Build Your List NOW, Before Saturation Kills Opt-in Rates

SMS Text Message Marketing represents a HUGE opportunity today… but it will eventually close, as most windows of opportunity do.. It won’t be long until the spammers jump in with both feet. As more marketers jump in, saturation will quickly be reached.

I get an occasional text ad for a payday loan or an online university, but it’s only about once or twice a month. As these intrusive text messages start clogging up our inboxes, SMS will lose its value as a trusted instant communication tool.

As ethical opt-in marketers, we must be sure to add value with every text message we send. If we don’t, our SMS list subscribers will treat us like spammers and opt-out.

The moral of the story… build your list NOW while SMS marketing is still a novelty to the general public. Once you have your list established, it will be a valuable asset to your business for a long time, as long as you keep your messages valuable and infrequent.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Please comment below.

Anthony Curtis


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