Why Use Facebook Fan Pages For Business?

What makes fan pages more beneficial than using your personal profile or a group page?

You can create custom tabs.
Google Plus does not allow this customization; you are limited to the default. Your custom tab allows complete personalization of your page. You can put a video, a sales letter, or a website.

You can also put email opt-ins in your custom tabs.
This will allow you to generate leads in a way that Twitter, Google Plus, or YouTube can’t. You cannot directly sell on Google Plus or Twitter. You must link to a page on the internet in order to collect email addresses or sell items. Facebook takes this multistep process and condenses it into one.

There are a couple of important reasons not to use your personal profile
for you business.

You are limited to 5000 friends.
Fan pages have no limit, because they are built for businesses.

Your profile is meant for your friends and family, not business.
Fan pages allow you to keep the two separate. Customization, and the ability to generate leads and profits, are the main reasons to use Facebook’s fan pages.

Why use facebook business fan pages instead of my personal profile?


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